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The Transformers: The Movie!


This is a parody version of the 1986 animated Transformers movie, done by the contributors to the original Transformers podcast, Radio Free Cybertron. I wrote the scripts, and the other voices and sound editing for the first three parts were done by Zobovor, Brian Kilby, ViceGripX, Mop-Boy, and Endora360.

In 2009, part IV was finally produced! This time ExVee did the sound editing, with Ethan Edwards Amanda Bonner Church taking over as Daniel and Arcee.

Work on part V has begun. It immediately sunk back into development hell again as the voice actors haven't sent me their sample files. Complain at http://www.tfradio.net/feedback/


Part 1
Listen Script
Unicron destroys Lithone, the Autobots plan a trip to Earth, Megatron attacks the Autobot shuttle, and comes face to face with his old nemesis, Brawn.

Part 2
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Battle for Autobot City. Megatron vs. Prime. Truly Epic.

Part 3
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Aftermath of Battle, death of Optimus Prime, Megatron meets Unicron. Starscream "meets" Galvatron.

Part 4
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The surviving Autobots flee from Unicron's spawn, and both of their ships manage to crash land on weird planets.