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Transformers Song Parodies

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Tune: "Dancing Queen," by ABBA
A song about Inferno the ever-loyal fire ant from the Beast Wars, whose devotion to his Queen (Megatron) is absolute. This was written in 2001 but I didn't get around to recording it until 2009.


The G1 Song
Tune: The Mexican Hat Dance
All the Transformers from the original Generation 1 tv show, sung to the tune of The Mexican Hat Dance! Inspired by Yakko Warner's song in Animaniacs.


The Leader
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Tune: "The Gambler," by Kenny Rogers
A tribute to Megatron, leader of the Decepticons, from the point of view of an unfortunate human.


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Tune: "Cherry, Cherry," by Neil Diamond
Nightbird is a giant female ninja robot created by Dr. Fujiyama, featured in the G1 episode "Enter the Nightbird." Fanfiction would have you believe that Megatron fell in love with Nightbird.


Transforming in the Wind
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Tune: "Blowing in the Wind," by Peter, Paul, & Mary
A simple little song song. Wheelie sure was lame, wasn't he?


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Tune: "Unpretty," by TLC

Takes place after Beast Wars season three episode, "Crossing the Rubicon."

Blackarachnia, feeling conflict between her Maximal nature and Predacon urges, her feelings for Silverbolt, and her desire for a more powerful body, has written this song to express her feelings.

(This is the first one of these I did, and yes, I am properly embarrassed by it.)