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Twisted Screenshots

bw005.jpg - Terrorsaur learns the hard way...
bw007.jpg - All work and no play makes Dinobot a dull boy...
bw008.jpg - Megatron sure is a schnook, isn't he?
bw011.jpg - A flying rat?
bw015.jpg - Of course he smelled bad... he was a rat.
bw016.jpg - Gratuitous Garth Brooks reference.
bw017.jpg - Dinobot's Secret Identity.
bw037.jpg - Scorponok at last learns the truth...
bw019.jpg - That is one hungry Velociraptor!
bw020.jpg - The Aftermath of bw019.jpg
bw021.jpg - When Primal said Maximum Burn, I don't think this is what he meant...
bw024.jpg - Stand By Rhinox.
bw030.jpg - Rhinox isn't easily shocked, but even he has his limits.