Panini Stickers


Panini Disney Fairies - CoverThe Panini Sticker Book is a large booklet with numbered places for stickers to go, along with information about the fairy characters, life in Pixie Hollow, and some fun quizzes.

The book comes with a large poster, one side has the Fairies, and the other side has some more info and has the spaces for stickers #150 through #183. There are 196 stickers total. The stickers are sold 8 to a pack, random.

This set was apparently sold in Walmart and Target but I sure never saw it there. I ordered mine online at

You can order missing stickers (or duplicates… I think I have at least 2 of every one, one for the book, and one for… I dunno, future art projects, maybe. There’s a separate site for missing/individual sticker orders.

This is one of the Fairies products I got the most enjoyment out of.  I loved opening the $1 sticker packs (each with 8 stickers) and organizing them.  I used one to fancy up the back of my phone.  Once I had a number of duplicates I ordered the rest individually online.