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Believing is just the beginning…. This site is for fans of Tinker Bell and the Disney Fairies film series, characters, and merchandise.

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Tons of high-quality images, both group shots and individual Fairies.






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Scans of coloring posters and crafts.







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Hundreds of high-quality scans of sticker sets (including the Panini set), artwork from books, and more!  New: Pixie Hollow Trading Cards








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Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games!


Due to air on the Disney on Channel November 19, according to Tinker Bell’s facebook page.





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Well I feel stupid

I realized yesterday when setting up my DVR to record Pixie Hollow Games, that it is only 1/2 hour long! All this time I was under the impression it was a film, but it is just a TV special. I am so disappointed.

We were going to have it be our Thanksgiving feature, well that plan is shot.

I really wish I would stop believing Wikipedia, which still calls it a film and movie… maybe I can edit it.