Art Work



I have no artistic skills, but I like to color in Disney Fairies artwork, here are some of the ones I have done. I don’t go for coloring books because I hate crayons; I like markers but most coloring book pages will cause the marker to bleed right on through.


Dollar Store art kits



Velvet Poster - Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell – these 8 1/2″ x 11″ velvet posters from the dollar store came with a set of five utterly useless markers. Throw those away and use a real marker set.






Velvet Poster - Rosetta

Rosetta – this one is actually my second attempt. The first one of these I ever did was Rosetta, and I foolishly tried to use the included markers. I guess they expected me to just leave the skin tone as paper white, but that wasn’t going to look good, so I tried the yellow… it was WAY more yellow than I thought it would be. I finished it off with real markers, but got the colors all wrong, so it was a disaster all round. Click here to see my shame.




Velvet Poster - Silvermist


Silvermist – this poster is plainer than the others… must be a different production run.  It’s just a picture, no name or tagline.





Velvet Poster - Iridessa


Iridessa – I think Iridessa ended up a little too dark, I like it personally, but the skin tone in the films is a bit lighter.  But I have a figurine from the Disney store that is just as dark so I am not alone in my alternate interpretation of the character!





Velvet Poster - Tinker Bell 2


Tinker Bell – another plain one, probably the same run as the Silvermist above. These are getting quick to do. I like to color while I’m in phone meetings…







Foil Poster - Tinker Bell - Easter


Tinker Bell – this poster was too large to scan fully, it’s shiny foil and themed for Easter. Still just $1 at the Dollar store. I actually hung this one up at home as part of our Easter decorations.






Artwork 2-Pack - Fawn

Fawn – This was WAY more work than the velvet posters… trying to decide what should be cloud and what should be sky, trying to make the foliage not all the same colour…






Artwork 2-Pack - Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell – I tried to make the green grass be something other than solid green, I kept thinking there was some sky in the background, but I followed the lines and I think it really is just all grass.





Velvet Watercolor - Tinker Bell


Tinker Bell – this 8.5″ x 11″ poster had dried paint dots on it, and you simply wet a brush and brush the paint around. Not as much fun as you would think though.  I have never seen any of the other Fairies in this format.






Other Artwork




Color-In Poster - GroupThis was not from the dollar store I don’t think, I don’t even know who bought this, it just appeared in the house, and I thought it was someone else’s but eventually everyone else disclaimed owersnship so I took it.

I messed up bad on this one… part of doing my coloring while multi-tasking is that I’m not as careful as I should be… I got black on Silvermist’s arm and tried to use a damp cloth to erase it, but wore away some of the paper. Then I tried to recommence colouring before the damp had dried and the black bled through onto her elbow. I used some white-out but then it wouldn’t take much marker ink after that… what a shambles.

Another poster of Tinker Bell came with this set but my daughter got hold of it and did it with crayon…

This is a rare piece of artwork because it shows the alternate outfits of the early Disney Fairies days.