Spring Fashion


Spring Outfit - Group
These are the first outfits we see our fairies wear, and they set the stage for each fairy’s personality and styling. Each subsequent outfit is a variation on what is presented here.
Spring Outfit - Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell


Tink wears a green strapless dress, low-cut in the back to allow for her wings, and small flat shoes with white cottonpuff tops. Her dress is cut from green leaf.





Spring Outfit - Silvermist



Being a water fairy, you might not figure Silvermist to wear a long dress, which might get wet. But either she doesn’t mind it getting wet, or her magic control over the water keeps it dry. Her dress is off-the-shoulder and she has flat shoes for skating on the surface of ponds. Some artwork shows her with a water-droplet belt chain.




Spring Outfit - Rosetta



Rosetta wears short a rose petal skirt and a top with a neck strap rather than shoulder straps. She also wears flat red petal shoes. Does she wear roses because of her name, or is she named after her favourite flower/fashion choice? A lesser fairy might shy away from an entirely red ensemble after already having red hair, but Rosetta likes what she likes.




Spring Outfit - Iridessa



Iridessa is a light-talent fairy; if she could wear clothing made of light, she would probably be sheathed in dazzling rainbows, but the next best thing is a sunflower. Her skirt and top are made from its leaves and she sports a sunflower seed brooch. She is the only fairy to show a hint of bare midriff, barring a single photo of Rosetta.




Spring Outfit - Fawn



Fawn dresses in Autumn colours even when it is Spring. The only fairy to wear trousers in stead of a skirt, her top comes down long enough to act as one, with a brown twine belt. She also has high-top shoes instead of flats. She keeps her hair in a long braid with what looks like a holly leaf hair tie.




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