Fashion – Silvermist



Silvermist is a water fairy and likes the color blue. She usually prefers longer dresses than her friends do. You might think that because she works with water all day that she’d prefer something shorter, less likely to get wet and soggy… but perhaps her water magic keeps that from happening.


Spring Outfit


Silvermist Spring OutfitSilvermist wears a long blue off-the-shoulder dress and has flat shoes for skating on the surface of ponds. Some artwork shows her with a water-droplet belt chain. She wears her hair long and wavy, second only to Fawn.






Autumn Outfit


Silvermist Autumn OutfitSilvermist deals with the colder Autumn weather by changing into long sleeve dress and lace-up boots. The white colouring in her dress may be suggestive of the approaching winter.






Summer Outfit


Silvermist Summer OutfitWhile her Spring and Autumn outfits are very similar, Silvermist changes things up for Summer on the mainland! She wears shorter one-piece dress, again with one over-the-shoulder strap, and has added a festive and summery gold-leaf pattern on one side. Her sandals have straps that wrap around her ankles, so even when skating on the water they won’t fall off! This outfit is much brighter and cheerful. A pity that she ends up wearing it in a rain storm!