SilvermistSilvermist is a water-talent fairy.  She is the first non-Tinker fairy to befriend Tinker Bell; they meet after a cart crash.  She teasingly comforts her just like Fawn comforts a mouse.

She is unfailingly kind, optimistic, and has a got a go-with-the-flow attitude.  She wants to get along with everyone, so much so that she can be a bit wishy-washy as she agrees with both sides in an argument.  Because she is so calm and easy going, rarely she is frazzled.

She is a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to figurative language.  When Terrence mentions that Tink “exploded” (meaning with rage), she takes him literally and is quite shocked.  When Rosetta jokes that the sunbeams Iridessa is collecting are not heavy because they are “light,” Fawn laughs but Silvermist just seems puzzled.

She does like to joke and tease though, whether treating Tink like a hurt animal in their first meeting, or warning Terrence about upsetting imaginary “rock fairies.”

She always has the best interests of her friends at heart and has proven to be a good councilor when they are in need of a friendly ear.  Her guilty pleasure though is listening to rumors and gossip!

She likes to hang out at the babbling brook, and her most prized possession is a perfume mister filled with water.


The “Short” Facts

Talent: Water. With just a water little to work with, she can use fairy magic to create beautiful fountains and sprays, even enough to sail a ship on!  For her work on the mainland, she helps place dewdrops, make ripples in ponds, and talks to the babbling brook.  She also teaches tadpoles to blow bubbles!  However, like all fairies, she cannot fly if her wings get wet.

Nickname: Sil.

Fashion: Cool blue one-piece dresses are her specialty, preferably full length except in the hot summer months.

Personality: If everyone were like Silvermist, there would never be any fights or disagreements.  She gets along with everyone and is always kind and friendly.  You don’t have to work to make friends with Sil, she already is, even if you haven’t met her yet!

Favourite Activity: Adding dewdrops to spiderwebs!

Favourite Foods: Cucumber soup, salt water taffy, watermelon, water chestnuts.

Favourite Flower: Water Lilies.

Pet Peeve: Loud noises.

Known for: her upbeat, and a little offbeat, way of looking at things.  Sweet, silly, and sympathetic — always ready to leand an ear to a fairy friend in need.

Animal friends: Fish, tadpoles, and other aquatic animals.  Fawn helps her communicate with them.

Pixie Hollow Games: Silvermist’s teammate is Marina.  Sil helps make sure all fairies are properly hydrated before events.  Patience and practice help her excel at the games.

Home: Dewdrop Vale.

Quote: “You’ve heard of a dewdrop – this is a don’t drop.  Water fairy humour.”


Silvermist, Summer outfit