New Tinker Bell film at last… I am going to save it for a Thanksgiving treat!

Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods DVD preview insert

In Fall 2010, I was very excited for the new Tinker Bell movie to come out, after waiting all year.  When it did, I noted that the insert for Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue,  said that Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods was coming out in Fall 2012.  That was 2 years away!

I searched online, and could find nothing… except Wikipedia which said that it was coming out in February 2011!  That was very exciting… but I didn’t believe it.  I hoped… but I didn’t believe it.


As the time drew near, I was sure that it was bogus… and so it was.  And nothing was forthcoming, there was just no info on the web about what was next!

Finally, Wikipedia said that the next film was actually Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games, originally slated to be the final film, but pushed forward.  That explains the Fall 2012 for Winter Woods.

So when would Pixie Hollow Games come out?  Official Disney websites still said nothing… Wikipedia doesn’t really list proper sources either… finally in Summer merchandise starts slowly appearing… and TV commercials… with no release date.

Wikipedia said it would air on TV instead of being released on DVD… and gave an air date of October 4th.  That came and went.  I e-mailed the Never Council at and they could not confirm any date… finally a week later Wikipedia says November 19.  But THIS time other news sources say the same thing, though none look official… it isn’t helpful if they are just copying Wikipedia which we know is unreliable…

Whoa, it turns out Tinker Bell has a facebook page!  Who knew?  Probably everyone except me.  I can’t say I am too happy with the way people assume everyone uses facebook… I prefer an “old fashioned” web page myself…

But finally I know when the new film is coming.  My family has opted to record it and watch it after our Thanksgiving meal. We historically have watched the latest Pixar film, but this year it was Cars 2, the first disappointment from Pixar ever, and so instead we will save the Tinker Bell film for that holiday.  I can’t wait!

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