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  1. paige:

    ok. wen i was eleven my baby cousin died next to me because of sids,im now twelve and im very affected and here your stupid [expletives deleted] is jokeing about it// well i thin tht ur stupid and maybe u should research sids and get a life insted of makeing funn of mine,, and sids dosent mean sudden infant death mentel sydrome so take mentel the [expletive deleted] out you stupid [expletive deleted], its not funny how would u like to have your die and never get to say goodbye// my cousin took her last breath on my chest take tht into some consiteration you stupid [expletive deleted]

  2. admin:

    Man, what a foul-mouthed and illiterate twelve year-old. Since she can’t spell, I’ll assume she can barely read and that’s why she didn’t understand anything I wrote. I still would like someone to tell me how people are finding this page, this is such a nothing blog!

  3. Sunny:

    My six month old son died of SIDS last month. You’re a heartless, thoughtless mean person for this. I hope you go to hell for making a joke of something that is so heart-wrenchingly painful. If you think this is funny, imagine yourself having your baby ripped out of your life. You’re a sick, disgusting person and I wish I could say that it’s mothers like you who deserve to lose her baby, but I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy. Think before acting….and know that you hurt myself and other parents by this post.

    And then you make fun of a 12 y/o bc she had something to say? What kind of person are you. Should she have edited her note better while she was typing in the heat of her anger for your words? Oh apparently she was supposed to do that, otherwise you would make fun of her. So mature of your. And you’re a mom?? So shocking at your maturity level!

    On a further note, may you always be haunted by thoughts of losing your baby, may you worry every minute of your day that since you are so blantly upfront of how heartless you are, may you always live in fear of losing your baby….may your child grow up lashing out at you as a teenager bc you are so deserving of it. May life throw you curves every single day, may you one day realize that the hurt you imposed on others by this post is the reason why one day, you will get yours. How is this post funny bc your baby is alive? What if he dies….will it not be funny then? Will you regret?

    I went online to research SIDS in lieu of my heartache and I had to read your sick post, how severely demented you are!

  4. Bonnie:

    This is an interesting website. I found your site by researching the history of Christmas. Maybe you can check something for me. My husband seems to think that the Christmas tree originated by demon worship where some ancient culture killed babies and hung their heads on a tree. Any input?

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