Demon Clown Baby is a blog where I pontificate on moral philosophy, politics, tv shows and movies, and my personal life if I think it’s eccentric enough to be interesting.

The name comes from my wife’s reaction to seeing the first ultrasound picture of our daughter. Her exact words were, “Look! It has a little evil demon clown face!”

At the time, we didn’t know the sex of the baby. But I told everyone I was figuring on it being a girl, since it looked so evil. And sure enough…

Evil Demon Clown Face!


  1. Ultrasound:


    I am 13 weeks pregnant!…

  2. gracie:

    oh wow i think it looks more like a demon less then a clown and ive seen some scarier stuff like on youtube a girl getting attacked by demon and sonee but ya and i see demons, angels and gohsts like that. ya so i can really tell if it is really a ghost demon or angel. just contact me at tokio.hotel_lover@yahoo.com if u want any info or something else nut i dont have pics….. not yet.
    thanks, gracie

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